Pedro's informal portrait with a natural background

I was born in Lisbon, Portugal, where I spent my childhood and a large part of my adult life. It is from there that I evoke the scent of wisteria in spring, the fresh breeze from the sea after a hot summer day and the perfume of the dunes sweetly entangled with the one of the wild pine tree in Vila Real de Santo António.

Thanks to my professional activity, I haven been having the privilege to live in several countries, hone friendship with people from various backgrounds and enjoy the unique culture of each place. I lived in Greece, Brazil and in Germany, besides Portugal.

I have been passionate, since my youth, by knowledge and personal development. One of the most beautiful sentences I have ever read belongs to a Portuguese author, Cesário Verde: “Ah, if I would never die! And eternally search and attain the perfection of things!”

The beauty of the sentence resides, for me, in the very paradox between the search and the attainment of perfection. The author himself recognizes that it would take him the whole eternity to attain it, and leaves the impression that the most important is, effectively, the journey of discovery.

My family is what I hold most dear. I am married to a wonderful woman, I have three daughters and a cat. As far as possible, I try to stimulate my daughters to follow the values that are most dear to me: liberty, curiosity, integrity, loyalty, generosity and respect for one another.

Besides work and knowledge, I like activities that allow the practical application of that knowledge: I hold a license of private pilot, I practiced kitesurf, scuba diving. I love to go on motorcycle trips and to record places, people and moments in photos.

The sole objective of this site is my personal satisfaction in the share with all the visitors.

Welcome to my site!